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Lowell is a gift to the world of philanthropy. His intelligence and the very practical nature of his approach make him a highly qualified advisor.
— Bill Gates Sr., Co-Chair of the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation

Lowell is a trusted advisor. He is discerning in his thinking and action. He is a strategist and a gifted writer. He has developed a solid knowledge and understanding of our political system, philanthropic and nonprofit ecosystem, and the major trends and forces cutting across them.
— Mario Morino, Co-Founder of Venture Philanthropy Partners

It’s so inspiring to see how Lowell has used his unique set of skills and experiences to help leading changemakers amplify their impact. When he told me he was leaving the Gates Foundation to share his knowledge with other philanthropists, I knew he would be in great demand.

Lowell is a unique gold mine for those seeking wise advice for addressing the most challenging problems facing society today. His sharp mind is augmented by a deep personal commitment to social and environmental justice. Working with him is a great joy.
— Joel Fleishman, Director of the Center for Strategic Philanthropy and Civil Society, Duke University

Lowell brings years of experience to his teaching and advising on strategic philanthropy. Combining deep knowledge with sound judgment, he is one of the handful of experts in the field.
— Paul Brest, Former CEO of the William and Flora Hewlett Foundation

Lowell Weiss is that rare human being who blends great intellect and a true moral compass. He is also an advisor who brings wisdom and humor to every engagement.
— Fay Twersky, Director of the Effective Philanthropy Group, The William and Flora Hewlett Foundation

Lowell is that rare combination of a great listener who is also a great communicator; a great analyst of complex problems who is also deeply insightful about their human dimensions; a deep thinker who also knows how to get things done. For those struggling to figure out how to do the most good with their charitable resources, I can imagine no better advisor than Lowell.
— Phil Buchanan, President of the Center for Effective Philanthropy

Lowell brings a very special and often rare combination of skills and instincts to the field of philanthropic advising. He is genuinely sensitive to donor values and hopes, and he has the expertise necessary to craft and implement the grantmaking strategy that can realize those hopes.
— Virginia Esposito, President of the National Center for Family Philanthropy

Few can match Lowell’s considerable knowledge, the depth of his understanding, and the energy and amazing clarity he brings to all of his work. And to top it all off, he is a pleasure to work with.
— Michael Bailin, Former President of the Edna McConnell Clark Foundation

We are very lucky to have someone with Lowell’s experience, national relationships, and just philanthropic smarts in Seattle. He is one of those people that can work strategically, tactically, and with lots of different kinds of people. He’s a real asset to our community.